Internet is a world of networks in perpetual expansion and evolution. To live, and become animated, these networks need a growing number of contents.

Among the contents, video has become the primary medium, as much for its impact (see, read, hear) as for the universality of its language (we are all children of television) that by its capacity to feed the appetite of all networks – websites, intranets, social networks – for all screens – TV, computers, smartphones, tablets.
While in the beginning, Internet users were the main contributors to this ecosystem, businesses and institutions seized the phenomenon and became the primary producers of content. This approach imposes on them a strong editorial posture.
The beneficiaries expect from these networks and screens a productive and faithful content. It is then a question of interest, to inform, to seduce and to teach by using the codes of the audio-visual and the supports which convey them to attract the Customers. As a result, companies and institutions are no longer communicating companies but for companies that interact with each other. They are editorialists to exist.

Quality Service

Our Services:

  • TV production.
  • Reportage & video editing.
  • Photography.
  • infographics.
  • Web Design.
  • Web hosting.
  • Training.


We advise you to integrate the video into your communication strategy. Our team, resulting from communication, audio-visual, journalism and new technologies helps you define your needs, develops a content strategy and participates in its deployment.


We support you in the production of content. Sidewalks, interviews, reports, tutorials and direct recordings. From the interview to the WebTV, in the studio or at the place of your choice, we put at your disposal a complete device of production, post-production and diffusion.


We guide you in the valuation of your content. Our professionals adapt your content to different social networks. This approach is also part of an adaptation to the "multiple motto" (Televisions, smartphones, tablets).


Understand your problems and define your audio-visual strategy Audit and analysis of existing contents.
Definition of objectives and implementation of the audio-visual strategy. The full definition of the project.

  • Editorial planning.
  • Editorial charter (background & form).
  • Team organisation, coaching and training.
  • Training.
  • Recommendations for media and social information systems.
    • • Social networks selection
    • • Broadcast advice
  • Adaptation of the contents in responsive design policy.

Accompany you from communication to info-communication

From advertising communication to info-communication, we offer audio-visual content tailored to your strategic needs and uses on social networks.
  • Audio-visual productions
    • • Interview. Micro-sidewalk. Subject and Report
    • • Commercial film. Corporate film. Educational film
    • • Dress up and animation. Animation and trays.
  • WebTV production:
    • • Viral Pastille and Web Serial
    • • WebJT and Magazines. WebTV. Webzine. Video monthly WebTV.
  • Community management:
    • • Content creation.
    • • Adaptions of video content for social networks.
    • • Content writing for Newsletters, Facebook, blogs
    • • Animation social pages.
  • Adaptation of the contents in responsive design policy.

Digital and social devices to enhance your content

We make every effort to ensure your maximum content visibility on the Internet:
WebTV. Direct Streaming. VOD (Video on Demand) Creation of social devices. SEO: SEO / SEM / SMO. Viralisation of contents.


A team specialised in reflection and editorial design

AFM was born from mutual enrichment of complementary know-how: that of entrepreneurship, digital specialists, networks, computer engineers, journalism and audio-visual professionals.
This multi-expertise integration can meet all the needs and the goals of responsiveness and performance.

Full integration of the capture, filming and broadcasting tools.

Shooting, realisation, lights and sounds, our team is mobile and provides you with the best technical tools for a perfect image capture.

A fully equipped studio in the heart of Yaoundé Carrefour Belibi.

We have a studio of 25 m2: Equipped with sound and light, the studio is connected with our postproduction. The space allows to turn either in green background or in natural scenery (beige, white, black or personalised decorations)